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Waldemar Wawoczny shared this idea 48 days ago
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Normally, I attach my cell phone to my bike while riding. I don't use Pause when recording a route, but there is an exception...
When I want to take photos and have to leave the bike so that Locus does not record the stop, I turn on Pause.
And now, because the recording, pause and stop icons are small (and that's a good thing), it happens that I forget that I have Pause turned on and I drive the route without recording, or I turn on the recording after a long time, with loss of statistics.
Now my idea: could it be possible to make pausing create a large Pause icon (in a sharp color) centrally on the screen.
This wouldn't be a problem for you to do, and such a Pause icon wouldn't interfere with anything, and its message would be very visible: start recording while you're driving, because you have Pause turned on.
Simple and effective.


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Hello Waldek,

does this solve your issue? It still needs to turn the screen on and check its content. The only correct solutions from my point of view

  • correctly working auto-pause (which is currently not reliable for 100%)
  • or some notification using the same system as auto-pause that will loudly inform that the recording is paused, but the bike is moving ...

I still vote for the first option, it just needs some time investment to make it 100% reliable.


any aggressive message that you have Pause turned on will be better than this small icon, currently of little color intensity.
And summer is coming, the Android screen will not be displayed at 100% brightness (because Google decided to do so), which will make the map visibility even worse. There are also map elements that make the pause icon merge with it.

By the way, there is also the old problem of automatically turning on the recording itself when I turn on the route and go.
There are cases when I don't turn on the recording either, only after a few kilometers I notice that I haven't turned it on.
There is such an option in settings > Track recording > Automatic start. But it's completely nonsense, because why does it turn on every time Locus is turned on? I also turn on Locus to check routes, update maps, edit Dashboards, change default settings, and for navigation (but when I turn on navigation, time passes because I have to choose a route!)
Entering a profile (e.g. Cycling) is OK. But now it should be correlated with Navigation. You turn on Navigation with the cycling profile and the recording starts. This would be the correct solution.



Use this option to move Recording > Automatic start to Navigation, simple.


Hello Waldemar,

you inspired me to do at least "some improvement". So in the next app version will be these two improvements:

App will check with every newly received location that

A. paused recording

  1. track recording is running but paused
  2. conditions to record a new trackpoint are met (with some reserve)
  3. device is moving

In this case, it turns the screen on, performs a Text-to-speech warning and displays quick on-screen notification that there is a paused recording that should be resumed.

B. pending recording

  1. track recording is running and not paused
  2. time since last recorded trackpoint match condition, but distance don't
  3. the device is not moving

In this case, it turns the screen on, performs a Text-to-speech warning and displays quick on-screen notification that there is a recording that may be stopped.


This will be implemented in the next Beta version at the end of this week.


for me these are good solutions.

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