Обновление программы

Роман Аношин shared this problem 45 days ago
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Добрый день. Очень давно не могу обновить программу. Как решить проблему?

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in March 2022, Google stopped distributing paid apps on Google Play because of the Russian attack on the sovereign state of Ukraine and the consequential blackout of international financial services in Russia. The Russian users blamed us (not Google) for not updating the app, sent curses and vulgarities at us and massively downrated our apps. Therefore, we left the Russian market completely and withdrew all our apps from Russian GPlay. However, the apps still display to users who downloaded them before the war.

Now we offer support and updates only to those Russians who condemn the Russian invasion. If it is your stance too, let us know, we can provide you with an alternative source of download.

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