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freischneider shared this idea 10 days ago
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There are very different staircases. Very long and very short.
In the example of a racing cyclist: if there are 3 steps somewhere, then that's no problem. You don't even need to dismount when going downhill (if you ride very carefully). But if there is a staircase with 30 steps, then he wants to avoid it.
This should therefore be adjustable (4-5 settings on the pre-step bar)
For MTB downhill stairs are usually no problem. Unless there are 50 steps. But going uphill is a problem, especially with an e-bike.
Possible setting parameters later in the comments.

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Basically, you should have 2 sliders in every riding bike profile.
Steps uphill
Steps downhill

As some cyclists accept steps downhill (usually a few steps) but do not want any steps uphill or only very few.

In OSM, the number of steps is sometimes indicated. Where they are not indicated, you can calculate the steps based on the length of the steps. One step has an average length of 30 cm.

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