Improve navigation in weather information

druki shared this idea 33 days ago
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As a user of the weatherforecast feature I want to get detailled information for different days with intuitive navigation to get the informations quick and easy.

Current behaviour:

After calling weather information for a location, you see the overview of days and you can jump to one detailled display of a day within the 6 first days. You can not easily switch between days then (workaround: use the back button of android to come back to the overview) and from the overview you can't distinguish which days are available for detailled view (ecspecially uncomfortable as the jumping back from the detailled view allways shows the day list from the top) and you have to think about the last day you saw in detail to select the next one if clickable.


1. make it possible to left-right swipe between the detailled day views of a location. At the beginning/end integrate a behaviour to show the user the "begin/end" (like showing a forbidden sign or a red panel during trying to swipe and automatically move back to the last detailled view).

2. mark the days in the overview where you can get detailed view either by color or a symbol to let the user know where he can click.

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