"Computed" flag is not set while importing caches with corrected coordinates

mambofive shared this problem 8 years ago

This topic is a follow-up of the discussion in the german part of the Locus forum.

When importing a cache with corrected coordinates via pocket query / gc live, it is coorectly moved on the map to the corrected coordinates, but the "computed" flag is not set.

Only when the cache is updated via gc4locus, the computed flag is set.

Shouldn`t the import of caches with corrected coordinates via pocket query mark them as computed too? (Of course only, if the corresponding flag in settings -> geocaching is activated).

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hi mambofive,

i`ll really gladly do this, but tell me please, how can I recognize in PQ, that cache has corrected coordinates? Please check this PQ files and you`ll see that there miss many informations, and If I was searching correctly, this one is missing also ...


Hi Menion,

I see - checked a gpx file, the information is really missing there...

So the information is there when downloading via GC live API (that`s what gc4l does) and not in the pocket queries? Theoretically, this would be a feature request for groundspeak, but I think they won`t change their gpx file format...

I think everybody can live with that, a cache needs to be updated with gc4l to get that flag set. For me it`s o.k. to close this thread.


Yes exactly, information is available over their API but not over PQ files or downloaded GPX files. They already did update an year ago, so why not update again ... :).

Anyway if you want to work with corrected coordinates, there is need to use G4L as you wrote, or GeoGet or GSAK databases ...

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