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1. When exporting by "Export map content", Lines and Circles created by "Geocaching tools" are not being exported.

Locus input:

results in KML/KMZ output:

2. Exporting should go to a file with some more sensible name than "share_map_content.kmz" - I believe that addidg of date/time should be considered. Without that, the new file will overwrite the old one - which is not desired (I believe).

3. Geocaches are badly reimported from such a "share_map_content.kmz". All geocache-specific data is lost, there is no Geocache tab in point`s screen. Basically, the point in no longer considered as geocache by Locus.

4. Additionally, there should be an option "Export screen contents" which will export only the items within the screen bounds.

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I think this is not a "bug" in common way. I`m changing it to "feature request"

1. that`s true. Locus currently export only a points & tracks. Circles, lines, Network links, ground & screen overlays, openAIR data and maybe some others are ignored. - "feature request"

2. agree, changed

3. this is something that cannot be simply solved. I decided to use exporting format KML, not GPX so additional cache information aren`t by default supported in KML format

4. "feature request"


Ok. Thanks.


Is it possible to draw circle using two points - one for center of the circle, the other one that lies on the arc of the circle?


Unfortunately not. But you can compute distance between two points and then use this value for drawing a circle. You can compute the distance in tow ways:

1. Use feature Menu > More > Add new route & Meassure or

2. Use feature Menu > More > Geocaching tools > Line tools

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