"Heading line" only shown in Compass mode

svartbjorn shared this problem 8 years ago
Not a Problem

My settings:

- Sensors > Auto change: unchecked

- Rotate button: Rotate map

I try this:

- Settings > Map objects & style > Heading line: checked

If Settings > Sensors > Use hardware compass = checked, then the expected heading line is displayed correctly. If "Use hardware compass" = unchecked (i.e. GPS bearing is used) , then no heading line is shown. I tested this while being a passasnger in a car (so fast moving). I assume this must be a bug.

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I think this is correct. Heading line is line that show where are you (your device) pointing! So if you disable hardware compass, Locus do not know where are you pointing with device, it only know where are you moving (so it`s "Course bearing line" for this purpose).


Sorry for late comment, but I have been travelling for a week with internet access only once in a while.

I have obviously misunderstood the meaning of Heading Line. I know the text says "... that display direction you`re pointing". I thought it was meant to be " ...that display direction you are moving". "Heading Line" sounds to me to mean just that: showing the direction I am heading = moving, i,e. actually being an extention of the moving arrow to show more precisely the bearing. When hardware compass is unchecked, instead of not displaying any line, could it rather display a heading line as the direction I am moving? "Course bearing line" you mention above is to my understanding a quite different thing.