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A problem with OpenTopoMap.

Tomek shared this problem 7 years ago


From couple weeks I have problem with OpenTopoMap in Locus. Tiles from this map don't load at all, and when I open It- regardless of a region I select - the only thing I can see is (as in attachment): ,,Map for this region is not available".

I perform clear cache from the map menu - unfortunately no help.

What can I do to get back the access to this map in Locus?

I use Locus 3.18.9 in Pro version.


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Hello Tomek,

we're sorry for troubles. It seems that OpenTopoMap service changed definition how to load the map. We'll focus on it. Issue should be fixed in next version of Locus map. Please use different online map ( for example OSM Outdoor > Outdoors )

Thank you for understanding

Best regards



Hello Petr,

- Yes, you should check it out.

I do not know German - but indeed, it looks like OpenTopoMap is in "Enegrency Mode" (?) from mid-August - which has an impact on the way to get to the tiles.

It is really nice map with clear style, contour lines and shading.

It would be a pity if the project fell down.

Best Regards.


Good day Tomek,

thank you for your bug-report. Issues fixed and maps will be working as expected in next Locus Map version in middle of October.

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