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A small problem when recording a track with phone in power saving mode

Radu shared this problem 17 months ago
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Hello! I've noticed a problem. When I'm recording a track and my phone is in power saving mode, the track recorded doesen't seem normal. Instead of following the trail i'm on, it makes some kind of straight lines. If I disable power saving, everything is back to normal. I'm using a Samsung A5 2017, but two friends of mine are experincing the same problem using other phones when they're on power saving.

Maybe doesen't seem like a huge problem, but when you hike a lot in remote areas and you relay on your GPS, you want to save battery in every way possible. And sometimes you just want to record your trip.

Thank you!

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that is true, power saving mode in mobile phones usually stops all background processes, including track recording or GPS data. Therefore, if you need smooth progress of your recorded track, don't switch this power saving mode on. Unfortunately, there is no other solution. Either you save battery and you have low quality of track recording or you don't save battery and you have full track record.


I get it. I thought it's something that can be fixed. Thank you for answering.

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