A working import of POI Attachemnts

Jürgen Holm shared this idea 4 years ago
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lastest changes of Locus version are very impressive, but there are always opportunities for improvement.

My suggestion:

For POI export with an attachments write the relative path to .../media of the attachment URL in the <link> section.

Example: /storage/extSdCard/Locus/data/media/photo/1.jpg is an Attchemnt of a point.

The export GPX file should contain:


Currently <link>./1.jpg</link> is written (bad!)

When importing this GPX file, Locus should prepend /..../Locus/data/media (according to the actual configuration) to the content of the <link> section.

What is the advantage of this?

* The user have only to copy the attachment in the right place in ../media

* Works in different storage configuration on different machines

* No change of the attachment URL of every point is needed after import in contrast to now

* Change in Locus code should be minimal.

I like Locus and his very very very good Help Desk!


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Nobody interested in importing POIs with attachements?