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John Campbell shared this idea 7 years ago
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When rendering vector maps, Locus often has difficulty in fitting street names on to segments of highways, especially at tile boundaries. A possible help would be to abbreviate street names in the renderer, such as changing "Street" to "St", as suggested here: using a standard table such as

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As Locus does not use its own renderer, the question ( for Petr ) is, if the MapsForge rendering libraries expose such modifications to users.


Good day John, Libor,

in renderer is possible almost everything, because major part already had been rewrote. So except algorithm itself, Locus internal renderer is quite different compare to MapsForge source renderer.

Anyway it's another story.

Here are two possible approaches, three options at all:

  1. do such text modifications in device on the fly
  2. modify texts directly in LoMaps itselfs so application do not have to deal with it (more efficient)
  3. do not abbreviate texts at all

From my point of view, third option is correct because this feature is mainly a hack how to improve bad rendering of texts. On second side, agree it may helps.

Because content of "offline address search" database does not need to be modified, I think that solution based on modification of text content directly in LoMaps based on mentioned table, is doable.

Anyway final decision is on Petr, it has anyway my vote.



thank you for idea. You have also my vote. IMHO abbreviation is standart mechanism how to make map more read-able. I didn't know the list of abbreviation. It looks quite useful. The question is: to use whole list of abbreviation or select only some words? Maybe would be useful to select the most important word with native speaker. See for example the Canadian lng (eq combination Beach - BEACH). I only want to avoid some nonsense's abbreviations.

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