Ability to highlight caches from a particular folder on the map

John Moulson shared this idea 8 years ago
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I store my unfound geocaches in several different folders, for instance, a folder for caches I need to achieve a particular challenge cache. Obviously, when I view caches on the map I can't differentiate any caches from a particular folder (or folders). What I am looking for is the ability to edit the properties of a folder so those caches are highlighted on the map. Maybe choose a colour which is then used to outline the icons.

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Hi there,

I already missed this function her in Locus, too. I even would like to highlight a few Caches that are in the same folder.

For example my favourites in a query of a complete town, to see the cache why I came for and also see what is around on the same map.

Cool would be, if there were different (maybe) colours, so a little categorization would be possible.


This works for me. Export the caches to highlight as a kml/kmz file into another folder. I've labelled the folder as zToDo. The z is to make sure they on the last to be drawn on the map. Then I change the icons of the caches in the zToDo folder to a red dot. Open the map and the caches will be shown with the normal caching symbol but with the red dot superimposed.

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