Geoportal WMS maps are indistinguishable on the map list (ability to rename WMS map)

Mateusz shared this idea 6 years ago
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All polish Geoportal WMS maps (e.g. Topo, Orto) have the same name ("Usługa przeglądania (WMS) danych"). They are indistinguishable on the WMS map list and there is no possibility to assign own name.

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I'm sorry but these names come from WMS service (it's official name for layer). Let's keep this as idea for improvement.

BR Petr


Experience a similar annoyance. Have a bunch of services that are named just WMS so have to remember which is which or check their layers.

Another small but useful improvement regarding WMS UX would be an ability to copy existing service URLs. Currently have to rewrite them if there is a need to share them.

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