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ovidiu don shared this question 2 years ago

hi, guys.

thanks for this app. It is fantastic.

i don t have the pro' version (maybe this is an answer)

2 question please:

1) it it possible for this app to be reached from desktop/ personal computer? using my account, can i access my trips from desktop computer?

2) where i can see my trips / profile photos and so on? is it possible only on the telephone?

3) if i change my phone, what happens with my trips?

4) i try to download a trip, and exports only gpx file. And photos attached ? and points of interest marked by user? how can i have it one togheter. Or, if i reach my trips using desktop computer, this 4 question is not so important:)

many thanks for reading this and for your future help.

sorry if this kind of questions were resolved on this site , but i tried to read as more as i can, but i didn't find the "good" answer :)


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Hi Ovidiu,

if you're asking whether there is some online syncing option of your Locus with some cloud or server, the answer is, so far, no, there is not. It is partly possible via third party clouds like Dropbox or Google Drive, though. Just copy your mobile Locus folder there and restore it on another device or PC. Anyway, let's start from the beginning:

1) yes, you can use Locus on a PC. Here are a few tips:

2) it is possible only in the device where you have Locus installed. However, Locus offers export to many file formats or web services like Runkeeper, etc. where you can see your trips otherwise.

3) if you change your phone, your trips will stay on the first one - you have to transfer them to the new phone manually, more info here:

4) if you want to export trip with photos and points, use KML/KMZ format and check the option "include icons and attachments".


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