Adaptive GPS track update rate/interval

Nick Fane shared this idea 7 years ago

I wonder if you could add an option to adaptively modify the GPS update rate/interval.

At present these are set manually, or can be changed according to pre-set 'profiles' in the Pro version.

As the GPS results offer the possibility of dynamically assessing speed, it is perhaps possible to modify the update rate so as to record track points at more appropriate intervals (in distance).

As I think about his, I wonder if it is effectively already there!

For most purposes, the distance-interval is the thing that matters.

The default and recommendations all seem to use the 'both' setting for recording track points - but if only the distance-interval was used, then track points would effectively be recorded only when the device has moved - effectively adapting to speed.

If I'm right, maybe this just needs a better explanation in the help files!

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Good day Nick,

seems you know "one" and "both" (conditions) settings.

If so, isn't "one" what you want? Because if you set conditions to "one", time to some crazy huge number (infinite) and "distance" to value you want, it will work as you want :).



Thanks for the response.

As I said, thinking about it after I started writing - I think that setting 'one' rather than 'both' might well do what I want.

Everything I have seen so far has always recommended the 'both' setting, and that includes some discussion about track accuracy when I asked a 'question'.

As with a few other things - and as I suggested - perhaps the default settings and the help file are the things that might benefit from a change/clarification.

Things that may be obvious to the designer and team are not always obvious to the new user!



I don't know if in our manuals is anything about this settings. I'm worrid that not. This settings is quite advanced and normal users just don't need to think what means "one" or "both".

Anyway because you know what it do and you also know what you want, you can benefit from it.

So I hope my answer leads you to correct way, otherwise feel free to ask, I'll gladly help.


Yes, you have certainly helped.

Most of the time I find that you have already thought of everything - it is just that I fail to fully understand the options - hence my suggestion that in due course it would be good to explain things more fully in the manual / help files.

Thank you again.


Perfect, glad to help.

And yes, manual. It's our big problem :). We develop too fast ...

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