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Add a setting for a short form of the speech to the audio coach

LocusUser#1 shared this idea 9 years ago

For running it would be sufficient if there was a setting for a short form of the speech. e.g .: 10km, 55min 36sec, 5min 30sec.

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1. you will find an file inside ..Locus/data/tts/...

- edit this file for your personal usage

- rename it to "your_language.tss" (eg de.tts, en.tts, ru,tts, cz.tts,...)

2. use a better training profile


"10km" in your example, will sound like {tenkm}

problems with tts file? - read and ask here -> for a further discussion.


Thanks, i have do more tests with trainigs manager and now it works ok for me.

I have only the de.tts file a little bit modificated, the rest works fine.

For me is this topic solved.


Thanks gynta for a help, glad it is solved in such simple way ;).

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