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Vincent Hentsch shared this idea 6 years ago

Hi Menion,

Here's my two ideas of the weekend ;-) :

1. It would be perfect if we could set the map resolution to a custom number (i.e. 1.14). I need this to fit a map to it's "physical scale" (for example 1:25'000) at a defined zoom level. I'm really used to read paper map and I can easily estimate the distance and time of walk just by looking at the map, but with Locus, the same map is in a different zoom than its paper version.

2. Based on the above idea the scale (1:25'000) could be displayed in the header, next to zoom level and % : so something like 16 | 114% | 1:25'000 (that's my case with a galaxy S4). I know that it is not easy, because of the huge number of different screen resolution and size, but perhaps a simple method would be to measure a line with a physical ruler and report this value in the settings ?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,


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Good day Vincent,

I think I understand your reasons. Unfortunately even that I'm fan of paper maps and in many situations I'm sure they are more useful then mobile phone (mainly when you are out of battery), I think that it is not needed to connect these two worlds in method you suggest.

In case of digital map, there is a huge advantage, that you may scale maps as you want and in case of Locus, also see a distances directly on screen without need to scale exactly on 1:x scale. Just display line to GPS or distance circles and I'm sure it will give you good enough estimate of distance on screen.

Sorry, but I have to deny this idea as this is, from my point of view, too specific for your needs. Thanks for understanding.


Hi Menion,

Thanks for your reply. I understand your point of view :)

Perhaps just a "custom" field in Settings->Map-advanced->Miscellaneous->Set resolution, in addition of the 1.25x, 1.50x, 1.75x , ... ?


Sorry Vincent, not planned. As I wrote, your request is from my point of view really too specific to your needs and for most users, it will be only an absolutely unneeded settings.

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