Add Dashboard items to Shared Screenshot

Karsten Runge shared this idea 6 years ago

Is there a way or do you see the possibillity to add the current Dashboard informantions to a exported Screenshot? (Share & Export -> Share Screen)

Sometimes I like to share a screenshot of a rendezvous point via Whatsapp.

I know that is much easier to share the coordinates but some friends of mine prefer a simple picture...

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Hmm, fastest way:

After implementation this would work like:

1. export&share from top/right panel

2. share screen

3. share with whatsapp

Now it works:

1. create screenshot with android hotkeys

2. select gallery from top/right panel

3. choose your screenshot

4. share with whatsapp

So one step more wasn't a big deal.

Anyway - free for voting.


attached a clip...


Good day Karsten,

thank you for an idea, but I have to agree with gynta, that implementing of such feature won't bring huge benefit.

Thank you for understanding, idea declined.

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