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Add Dashboard to Action Tasks

zossebart shared this idea 4 years ago


I would love to have dashboard selection available through Action Tasks! Then it would be possible to switch dashboards through Tasker for example (I plan to use a bluetooth remote for this, if I get AutoInput Tasker plugin to work reliably eventually).

I have something similar working right now, using stripped-down presets (only dashboard selection), but these "single purpose presets" clutter my preset list and there is a delay when applying presets.

So why not make dashboard selection available directly through Action Tasks?

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Hello zossebart,

I just needed some relax in the evening, so ... implemented :) (will be in the next Locus Map version)



Hey Menion,

nice way to relax on a saturday evening ;-) Thank you very much!

Now I only have to find a way to get keypresses from Tasker/Autoinput in a reliable way...

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