Add direction of next sunrise/sunset to compass

Sebastian Ibbeken shared this idea 2 years ago
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The compass (within GPS-mode) already shows the direction of the actual sun. For planning campsites it would be very helpful, to know the direction of the next sunset/sunrise at the present GPS-position (to be indicated by small sun-icons with arrows up/down as in title-bar, see picture). Nobody likes to wake up in the cold shadow of hills :)

Much more advanced would be a switchable feature, that adds arrows to the main cursor, that point in the direction of the actual sun and sunset/sunrise (known from “LunaSolCal” and other apps). And this for any cursor position, not only GPS.

I am looking forward to the next upgrade.

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This would be useful, yes!

Also, on occasion I've been navigating under the full moon, and wished there was a moon indicator. It would've been just as useful those nights as the sun indicator often is on sunny days.

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