Add "Distance to target" on point menu in Guidance Mode

franc shared this idea 5 years ago


when I have a track and use it for Guidance I don't see a fast or any way to see on any point on this track the information how far from this point to the target or start of this track, see attached Screenshot.

If I quit the Guide it is shown as popup menu for each point I tap, but not when I have it as Guide. There in the context menu I only find (for me useless) info about Point number or Next point. The Information in this menu neither contains the information about distance to target.

Could it be possible to include in the points context menu in Guide mode the distance to target?

Or at least behind the Information menu entry (first entry in context menu)?



PS.: I asked this question already but answerless in the german departement of the old locus forum.

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Hi Frank!

I'm not sure I understand your idea, but have you seen this discussion!?

And there are more (and correct) information in the compass menu (see attached file)

Cheers hasse


No. I don't find it in the compass.

I think I need to clarify what I do:

- I make visible a track in Tracks

- I tap on this track on the map and on the popup menu I tap on the arrow right, there I tap on "Navigation / Guidance"

- I choose Guidance

- Now I tap on any point on this track and in the context menu I miss the distance to target from this point

If the same track is not set as guidance the popup shows this information for each point on the track (distance to target and even distance to start).

I really wonder now, why I seem the only one missing this information.

When I tap on Point x a new Information Dialog opens with Details (only) Altitude, and many many white in that dialog where easily that information could be set, how far to the target and to the start.

Why is it missing?

Do I miss something essential here?

Strange, very strange!

EDIT: I made some Screenshots attached to clarify what I mean.


Good day Franc,

I think I understand your correct point. Current distance to start and end of track is visible only for track waypoints, but not for small trackpoints.

I'm for now simply added distance to start/end of track into detail of trackpoint, so next time when you tap on "Trackpoint 245", at first "Main" tab, you should see this values. Values will be added in next Locus Map 3.23.2 version. Hope it is ok for now.


Thank you very much! Exact this is enough for me, I just want to see them sometimes, so this solution will be very glad!



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