Add existing photo directly to map?

Daniel shared this question 2 years ago

I used to be able to click the "search" magnifying glass button and use locus to directly import a photo to the map and it would automatically put the photo in the correct place that it was taken.

I cant find the option anymore at all? I dont want to take a new photo as part of the process (its too late for that) and I dont want to have to manually put in the co-ordinates as for some reason thats not working correctly.

Wheres the old option gone just to import the photo that used to be in the "search" options? (its not in the "import" settings either as my photos are all greyed out in there)

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Good day Daniel,

this function was not removed, but just completely rewrote and placed into new, more logical place.

In main screen, tap on bottom left blue button that opens new "Map content" screen. Here choose "Map layers" and here is function called "Localized photo". By tap on it's label opens dialog where you define directories you want to monitor and eye button turn this function on/off. Photos from monitored directories will be placed on a map automatically.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if something won't be clear.


Thats a great update :)

Its way easier now just dropping photos into a monitored folder and its all automatic!