Add new photos to a point - not in "Description" in kml?

Alan Gornik shared this problem 6 years ago

I am picking up an old project I started a year ago. At that time I went around my neighborhood and created points for various different trees, and attached a few photos of each as well. I then downloaded a kmz of all the points. (That was gigantic and unwieldy, and I just realized that I could downsize the photos to solve that problem.) So now I have a reasonably sized kmz file that works great in both Locus and Google Earth. The photos show up nicely in the "Description" part of the point, and I can scroll down to see them all which is perfect. I also learned from another post to change the "width" attribute in the kml so I can see them better, rather than appearing as thumbnails.)

So now I want to go back out and take more photos to add to each tree that I already have as points on Locus. I did that yesterday for one existing point/tree. The new photo appears in the Attachment tab. When I export the point as kmz, the new photo is properly in the "files" folder. BUT there is no reference to it in the kml. Thus it is not displaying along with the previous 3 photos. So are you not allowed to integrate new photos into an existing point?

See attached. Thanks!

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Good day Alan,

situation with attachments in Locus is not perfect. There is still missing some perfectly working export/import mechanism that will keep all attachments on it's correct places - I'm well aware of it.

What is problem here, that Locus correctly export point and add some photos to "files" folder, but when imported back, photos are not restored to "Attachment" tab of imported point, right?

Unfortunately I have no instant solution on this many years old problem. For my own surprise, there were not much complains about it, except:

I'm checking this topic to "problem", so you will be notified when something change.


Actually, the fact that they are not in "Attachments" upon re-importing doesn't trouble me. Since I keep a kmz on my PC as the "source of truth" I can always unzip it and get to those pictures separately. I prefer the picture to be in the description on Locus.

I did solve my original problem yesterday however. I discovered that somehow I unchecked "Insert formatted description." So when I added a new photo to a point, then exported to kmz, the reference to that new photo was not being included in the HTML table that defines the description for the point. So the new photo did now show up in the description on Locus, which is what I wanted. All fixed now. (This experience helped me to better understand how kmz's work and how I can edit the html in the doc.kml file, so I am happy for that. Thanks again for great app and your responsiveness to my post!!)

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