Add new route&measure icons

Marius Moldovan shared this idea 3 years ago

I think the arrangement of icons in Add new route&measure menu is not very intuitive

There are 6 icons(+ key, - key,compute route,menu key, validate and quit)

Some more easy intuitive menu it would be more easy to use

For example, the compute route icon it should be the first in line and made mandatory and only then + key, - key

By mistake I already choosed the first 2 points in the route and only after that I remembered to choose MTB in compute route.. So my route is now directly between points, not following road.I had to delete route, begin again and choose MTB in compute route before choosing first/ second/third etc. points

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or preserve method of computing route from previous invocation instead of having to select each time (or forgetting)


Idea closed (thanks for it).

Since the original post, a completely new Route planner system introduced.