Add OpenRailwayMap: Infrastructure and Maxspeeds layers

Grzegorz Nowak shared this idea 2 years ago
Collecting votes

I wonder if it is possible to add a layer OpenRailwayMap -

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thank you for idea. Honestly this map is quite interesting but on the other hand Locus is mainly outdoor app for hiking and cycling. But I keep this idea open maybe other users will vote for it.

It seems that map can be used for free and you could add this map manually into Locus. Please see how to add custom map: But please be sure that you fits the terms of use of OpenRailway service.

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can anyone with more experiance than my person add a describtion how to add openrailwaymaps to locus pro?

I will use openrailwaymaps as an overlay for planning trips.

The manual (the link above) is shure for experts, but not for normal users ...

Thank you and best regards