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radium shared this idea 9 years ago
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It would be nice to automatically filter the number of displayed tracks to avoid cluttering the map. The filter could be "only show last N tracks", in the track group settings page.


case: I save my cycle rides and track runs every day, and after a few

weeks the map becomes unreadable and quite slow showing all these

tracks. I still like to see the last few previous tracks for reference

so I manually deselect older tracks once in a while. Ideally this

process could be automatic.

See existing thread here:

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I'm thinking about this idea, mainly about a way how to make it work.

I agree that it should be useful. In case you record quite a lot of tracks and want's too see last recorded on map, it's fine. Anyway to make it work, there have to be some "Auto-load mode", where you should set "Load only last 10 tracks".

But then there are some problems

  • Where to place such settings, to make it close, but also do not bother with it users that do not want it (most of them)
  • What to do, when you try to load some older maps? Without some special settings, such track will be immediately hidden, because it's too old.

I personaly understand point of this idea. But because I think you record usually one, two, max three tracks a day, I think it should not be a big problem to hide them manually. Because do this automatically, seems for me as more troubles than good.

I'll anyway leave this open. Maybe you or number of votes convince me.


Hi Menion,

Let's call the option "Only show most recent N tracks" - This means 2 parameters: whether the setting is active, and the number of tracks.

To keep things simple, these 2 parameters could be global (maybe in "Maps objects & style"). Eventually, overriding them in each track group would be nice too.

If the setting is active, the individual "show track" checkboxes could be disabled (greyed out) to avoid confusion.

Obviously that sounds simple but I have no idea how much effort would be required to bend the code to do this :)



Maybe there could be a parameter in the configuration "Recording tracks" that says something like "Show only N recent tracks" (the 0 would indicate that it is not used), so that at the end of the recording of a track is checks whether the parameter is greater than zero and leave visible only tracks that much.

I guess I'm minimizing the explanation and should take some work, and that may not be useful for most, but hey ... it is like contribute something to the idea.


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