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Add point to track on the road

myneur shared this idea 9 years ago

Problem: Although the new Record panel is nice and usefull, there is not an easy way to add a point into recorded track. I can either choose to see an big record panel to add a point or the map.

Purpose: Tracking OSM implies frequent switching between a map and adding a point.

Solution: Please add a button to add a point into the track (not a general point, but to mark current posistion inside the track being recorded as a reference)

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Are you aware of "Quick add point" feature?

Because it was also improved so you may now define points that will be stored in recorded track. So try it please, it should cover your needs.


That's great! Even better than my current workflow. It is enough for me to have just 6 points predefined and to open the panel for the rest.

Consider fallback into non-track point if the track is not being recorded. You may also look on quick points as just a template for standard point creation. If you add it on top of std point dialog, storing the point on the single touch without confirmation, than these three functions will just merge into one without loosing the productivity and joining experience into one icon.

But even the current Quick add point is good for this scenario. Thank you, that's great.


Perfect you're welcome. Thanks for thoughts, I'll think about it.

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