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Joe_R shared this question 6 years ago

I want to add these points to a new folder, how can i easily do this?

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Hello Joe

easily ?! i don´t know...

your link forward to

so one possible way:

- capture area of complete coords

- store it as .jpg or .png

- use OCR program e.g. "GT Text", open your jpg/png > Tools/Copy text from/full image, so text ist copied to clipboard

- open e.g. Notepad, insert clipboard and store it as .txt

OCR sometimes mix O and 0, so run with Notepad searcht/replace >search for O and replace as 0 and store it once more.

- open "RouteConverter" and open your .txt, if all is ok save it as .gpx

- import this .gpx to Locus choose your prefered icons and have fun.

Inserting the WPT names is more complicated and faulty (OCR), but you can solve it inside Locus.

unpack attached file and import it to Locus





I'm worry that there isn't really any easy way how to show data in Locus app. As balloni55 wrote data are loaded from wikipedia page and are processed on the page you mentioned. However you can try additionally to balloni55 suggestion:

- I've prepared for you the CSV file with data from wikipedia page

- Try to look for any tool or sw that is able to convert CSV data to GPX or KMZ format.

Maybe other users know such SW that could help with conversion. Maybe GPS babel?

Best regards



Thank you for your he help suggestions and files. I solved the problem by backtracking to the wiki page, where there is this little menu (quite hidden) that allows the info to be exported to kml. Done, then it is an easy import to Locus Pro.



great and good to know. I din§t noticed it.

Thank you for post.

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