Add support for the TI SimpleLink SensorTag.

Taras D shared this idea 4 years ago
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Texas Instruments SimpleLink SensorTag.

It's small, inexpensive (US$29), battery-operated, power-efficient, multi-sensor device.

  • Infrared and Ambient Temperature Sensor
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • 9-axis Motion Tracking Device – Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass
  • Magnet Sensor

It is available in a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) version. Its features are described here.

It would be wonderful if Locus Map could support this device and use its Barometric Pressure Sensor to calculate and record elevation. Entry-level or mid-range Android phones (like mine) don't include a Barometric Sensor and the SensorTag is an inexpensive way to add one.

Optionally, the SensorTag's Temperature Sensor could be used to record ambient temperature. It would represent ambient temperature more accurately because the phone's temperature is 'battery temperature' and affected by heating from onboard electronics (and from being in your pocket). The SensorTag has a convenient hole that can be used to hang it externally on a bike, backpack, etc.

Even if the SensorTag is never supported by Locus, you can still use it for tracking pressure, temperature, etc with TI's SimpleLink SensorTag app:

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Good day Taras,

a really interesting piece of hardware.

We are currently little stuck on how support for BT/ANT+ devices is made in Locus Map. Anyway, it is definitely something I would like to focus on in second half of the year and I believe it may not be too complicated to add support also for this device. We will see. For now, happy voting!

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