Add Voice attached WP while recording track by pressing headset button

Jan Skala shared this idea 6 years ago
Gathering feedback

WP with attached photo, video, sound recording or written note are already done and they are great. The last time I did recording for OSM I had an idea whether I could also take my earphones (standard with mic) to record voice notes just by pushing the button on the headset. I tried OSMTracker app and surprisingly it works there out of box (it has recording length set in advance -- don't know if push to start, push to end would be better). I would like to stay with Locus because of its great features. Would it be possible?

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I think this is a very useful feature. Probably still need to Locus sound an alarm if the point is recorded successfully.


If this idea will be implemented, I would like to offer more convenient access to audio files attached to the points. To do this, add Locus audio features and make the playback button on the pop-up window.

I hope you will like this idea

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