Add a new route with ALL POI`s

Zailor shared this idea 8 years ago

Just forward my old wish from the old forum ( Seaplotter) :

I think the solution you came up with is enough :

When I select any POI, there will be a " + " and I can add the POI to the route

I create.

If the extra " option " Insert POI is to much........Skip it I make a new route ;-)


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Hi Zailor,

from your idea, I don`t fully understand if you already tried to add POI directly from map, or not :). When you`re creating route, `+` button on POI`s is already implemented. Did you tried this?


Sorry, did`t know you were sooooooo fast ;-)

I`ts working perfect !!!

Now I start "Add new route" then just scroll the seachart and when a interesting POI appears I just tap on the POI and then "+" and so continue scrolling the seachart etc.

And volla !! My new route is created - WONDERFUL



perfect, you`re welcome!