add option to display current road on bottom panel

gv shared this idea 8 years ago
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currently, during navigation, the top panel shows the road i`m going to turn into.

on the bottom panel, could you add the choice to display the name of the road i`m on.

something like the image here. "jalan gasing" is the name of the road i`m travelling on, and "jalan 5/60" is the road i`m turning into

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Seems like this topic is going to be one of "most wanted"

Did you noticed, that you may tap on top line to change between "next" and "current" road?

If so and you still want this behaviour, there are two questions

1. I did not add any such panels to bottom, because when you shift map center to bottom part, with visible bottom panel, it overlay a car a little. This is small trouble

2. two similar panels on screen takes really a lot of place, so question is if will not be better to place whole top "road" line to bottom part (also together with possibility to switch between "current" and "next"


hi menion, thanks for this great app. yes i know about the toggle between next n current road on the top panel.

- what garmin does is put the top panel (next road name) in large font, and the bottom panel (current road) in small font.

- this idea overlaps with another post... that is the user be given the choice of ANY shortcut they want to display on the screen, and choose which panel they want it to appear on. plus if its not too much to wish for, they can also set the transparency of the shortcuts. so then you dont have to worry if it covers the car or not, coz its up to the user how much they want to clutter the screen.


There should be also option to show the current address/street even if not in navigation mode. It should show the address if the internet connection is on. Of course users should be able to turn it on/off