Add "Recently used" tab to "Search" dialog

Vitalii Kaptcanov shared this idea 10 years ago
Gathering feedback

There are often situations when I need to "jump" to some recently watched location. If I could see "Recently used" dialog under "Search" button....

Or maybe it deserves a separate function which I could place on right panel?

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Something like "most recently used" list would be useful, yes. I don't think that all map centering positions shall appear in the MRU list (image you're scrolling - that means you've dozens of entries) but only names points (e.g. from search, POI database, map track waypoints or the like) and explicitly added ones (requiring a "remember this map position" button e.g. in dashboard)


Could be one topic you could incorporate in the big rework of search in 2023 🙂

MRU would have been handy for day planning in last vaction: We looked repeatedly for same points, e.g. because we changed our plans during a day (mainly due to instable weather, as climbing or cycling tour in cold rain is no fun) thus needed to re-plan the current day as well as the next days.

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