Add "Update geocache" in geocache details

druki shared this idea 8 years ago

I can update a geocache in the waypoint details with the geocaching4locus addon.

But I can not update a geocache in the geocache details view.

The workarround is to close the geocache details view, search the coresponding waypoint again, open it and finally choose update geocache. But this is not comfortable in the field if I quickly want to update i.e the logs of the geocache.

The idea is to have an update-button at the top of the geocache-details-screen (where the GC-Code is and the buttons for geocaching-settings and the www-link).

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did you tried www link? This should also call geocaching4Locus app for update


Yes, I tried and my android asks me an app to select for opening the link.

If I choose geocaching4locus (import to Locus), I get the error for not valid JSON string. I remember problems with the addon using a different URL as a link.

What kind of URL are you using?

It should be in a way like: to work with the addon.

But anyway, I would like to use this link for going to the with a browser, because sometimes I need the html view of a listing including all pictures (incl. spoiler etc.). And I don ́t like to do so many clicks.

It would be more comfortable to have a button that calls the addon directly and give it the Link for updating the geocache. Just like it is at the waypoint details page at the symbol with the gears (first entry: "update cache").


Hey folks, is there nobody else but me to update a geocache right out in the fields to see the most recent logs (maybe meanwhile the geocache is deactivated/archieved or muggled or some new helpful hints in a log)?

Vote for me! ;-)


Technically, it works for me using the www link from the cache detail view, but it requires a lot of clicks:

- choose www link from cache detail view (right button on the top of the screen)

- choose "import to locus"

- choose locus category to import in

- choose to overwrite existing cache

At least the last to steps are superfluous, as updating is equivalent to overwriting existing data in the same category...

@druki: I often update geocaches before I start a tour or even in the field, but I always use the "update cache" function from the map view:

- select geocache on the map

- select third party menu (right button in the action bar)

- select update cache (calls gc4locus)


There`s also another problem with this. The trackables (and pictures?) are not updated when refreshing with the "www" link -> "import to Locus". Is this a bug?

I would also like a refresh button inside the geocache details view, and a indication WHEN I refreshed this geocache the last time.


I completely agree with rvheddeg:

1) refresh button inside the geocache details view makes sense, espacially if sombody is not having a data flatrate.

2) Indicator when refreshed is a very good idea, keeping the dataflow low.



I just "lost" a cache that I wanted to update, there were so many caches on the map.

So, please, add this to the cache menu!


Implemented in new 2.20.0 version of Locus in new Point screen