add zoom in and out choice to buttons on the right panel

gv shared this idea 8 years ago

currently we can choose some buttons to display on the right vertical panel. could you add the choice of zoom in and zoom out to the right panel

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the zoom in and out is already on the bottom panel...

why don`t you want it on the right panel?

Cheers, berkley


yup, i know its there on the bottom. what i should have suggested is this...

in the settings menu, have a list of all the display shortcuts like zoom in, zoom out, record track, search, etc etc.

for each shortcut, we get to choose to display it on top, bottom, right, left or hidden completely.


Hi gv,

I`m searching through some older "unsupported" ideas - this one seems from my point of view, to be quite a lot work to make completely all buttons configurable, that do not worth it. You may create own simple custom screen with +/- button on right. Check sample custom screens in Locus shop.