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jtkorken shared this idea 10 years ago
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would it be possible to add some "switchable" Info Layers into Locus. E.g. Wikipedia, diverse one`s from OSM (Tracks, POI, etc.) or Picasa, or....for example this is nicely realized in RunGPS.

Thanx in advance :-)

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A Panoramio layer would also be useful. Not neccessarily because of the beautiful pictures, but the amount of fotos taken in certain places is a very good indicator for "interesting features". So when I travel, I like to check out places that have lots of pictures taken.


Not really, the topic rather relates to Locus internal function in contrast to the integration of external "services". which I meant.



I was about to ask for integration of Layar in Locus. I used it in Oruxmaps (that I abandoned when discovered Locus): very useful and simple. Layar geo layers are interesting for many purposes, I miss it

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