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Additional geocaching data filters

as2008 shared this idea 11 years ago

For geocaching I would like to have some more filter i.e. size of cache, trackables inside...

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Also searching by date created, date last found etc


filter sort by " size" and sort by "create date" is available


Sorry, you are of course correct. What I meant to ask for was to be able to filter by dates. For example, I would like to list caches published on or between certain dates.


...and by 'having corrected coordinates' for identification of solved mysteries? I would like that filter feature.


Hi guys,

in next Locus Map version will be improved filter for caches (size of the cache, attributes and the minimal number of favorite points).

I'm asking: why may be useful to filter caches by date when the cache was published? Has it any benefit in the field?

Second question, similar, is filter by the number of trackables inside .. again, any benefit? In case of trackables it is even worst because, from my experience, this information is quickly outdated.


Date when the cache was published? - Correct date of hiding

This is how to ask someone who is interested in his date of birth. :-)

Yes it is important.

I'm glad for this question.

(Somewhere I wrote it earlier ... without a response)

With great surprise I found out after years that the date in Locus is the date download cache! This is irrelevant and does not require anybody. What for?

The last update date is important.

I suggest:

Change the date of download to the cache creation date.

WARNING - date of hiding! No publication date.

After this change, the filter will sort by date to work properly.

Reasons for finding a hiding date are a lot.

(We currently use Project-gc and other resources)

For a few reasons, see the picture ;-)


I see no benefit from trackables. There could be slight benefit to show by hidden dates. See project gc there is few statistics tables of found caches by hidden date / month


Publish date is important for many people, due to the several challenges that exist regarding old caches.

Although for me is not important to check for trackables, I know that is important for many other geocachers, due also to the most various kinds of challenges, trackable races, etc.



Ups ... I'm just looking at the date on the base card is OK (hiding date)

Sort by date is according to what?

Geocaching "Zoradiť podľa Skrytého údaja" is probably a bad translation?

Is this the date of hiding?



This phrase is difficult to translate so as to make it clear that this is not the official date of hiding.

EN - Sort by creation date

CZ - Řadit podle data vytvoření

SK - Zoradiť podľa dátumu vytvorenia

A clear alternative is probably long


- Zoradiť podľa dátumu vytvorenia v Locuse

- Zoradiť podľa dátumu vytvorenia v zariadení

- Zoradiť podľa dátumu stiahnutia

The words:

vytvorenie, založenie,

are commonly used to hide the cache.

Translation into CZ is also inappropriate:

- Řadit podle data vytvoření

- Seřadit podle Skrytého data

I fix the Czech translation and I will adapt the Slovak translation.



agree that Czech translation is incorrect. Should be (based on translation) more something like "Řadit podle data založení". Feel free to fix it as well as SK translation, thanks.


And thanks for the explanation of "usage of hidden date". I'll add this filter option into app as well.


So we may close this task as well, nice ;).



The feature already exists a long time ago! (unclear translation)

It is in the folder to sort - geocaching

I have changed the SK / CZ translations.

Consider deleting the option: "Sort by creation date"

This is totally unnecessary and misleading as "Sort by date of hiding"

(Especially in translations into different languages)

Can anyone write, at least one reason, why is this information? (creation date)


The dates on the base card there is too much. Some people do not even know what the data is. Relevant (only two needed)


"Updated (WEB)" ???

"CREATED" - unnecessary



"Updated (WEB)"

After a deep analysis I found that it was the date of the last log.

My God....


Do not forget that you may have folder without geocaching points! So in this case, sorting of points based on its age in application seems to be useful for identification of old data that should be deleted/updated.


OK. I understand.

If we already filter and sort:

Sort by "Last Log" (Updated (WEB)) would be interesting and usable.


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