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balloni55 shared this idea 8 years ago
Gathering feedback

Hi Jarda

while writing a log on PC green label with possible "Markdown" options is available.

Is it possible for you to implement this also to FN?



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So now you can use it in the template. How could you imagine that implementation?


>So now you can use it in the template.

perhaps, if i remember the syntax of each MD option

and if, all 10 templates are consumed for MD

>How could you imagine that implementation?

not rearly,

e.g. i write a sentence or create it by voice and want to display one word bold, how can i manage that?

my idea:

after long click on screen label with MD icons is available in top of screen for use



For preview I use base html formatting. And there is a error. Quote use ">" . And this is a base html tag char :( I can't distinguish this.

So for this moment I remove quote support.

Other my idea is, that I formatting selected text with markdown. But if I click to the menu, android cancel selected text. I can disable it, but you with this I cancel android text function (copy, paste, select all ...) What do you think? Disable text function or not?


Hi Jarda,

removing support for "quote" is ok for me

but i didn´t think "disable text function" is a good idea.

If it´s possible, send me a test.apk per mail, so i can play with it for better imagination


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