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After crash, WPs are hidden shared this problem 23 months ago

Wanted to report this, even though it can be considered a corner case: still Locus crashes, even though the frequency has gone down considerably compared to eg 1 year ago. As in:

So, somehow. something has changed for the better somewhere deep down in Android.

Anyway, one of the results of a crash is: strange behaviour around WPs:

  1. Restart Locus after crash
  2. Change a visible WP: move to another group
  3. Somehow then the WP is both hidden and not totally included in the DB (not counted)
  4. Hitting on the WP group (show all) will then re-emerge the WP and have it counted and make it visible
  5. So no data is lost on crash, but might feel scary as it is not counted / shown.

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frequency of crashes on your device is lower > good to read it. Still weird to me that you receive any :/.

Anyway, there is usually a crash during your five steps? Because I tried it twice and no problem.

Broken counter after the crash is possible. The app keeps an internal number of visible/hidden points and because it takes some time, the app doesn't do it too often. So after the crash, it may take a moment (few actions like "load all" as you do) till all is set correctly.

So thanks for the report. I believe is it not a big problem and mainly it is a side-effect of any other more serious problem that still happens on your device.



Nope, the 5 steps I do after the crash. With your explanation I agree what I run in to is a side effect.

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