After declaration of a standard world map zoom level 11 remains void

Jürgen Gärtner shared this question 8 months ago

Locus 3.31.1 - maybe the problem is already older.

I have defined overlay of maps as suggested on locus help pages. Overlay is a world map "World-1-10-tr-11-OAM.sqlitedb". This map has a transparent level 11. Everthing works well.

Now I found a configuration in maps | configuration | Offline Maps | Define a standard map with the explanation: With this definition the zoom behavior of vector maps is improved. The configuration was inactive.

Because I did not know .. maybe it is better to declare one .. I configured here my world map above. For the first moment I did not perceived any changes in behavior.

But after some days I realized that zoom level 11 remains void. Only the shaddowing is illustrated. On my second locus on tablet everything was ok. So I tried to remember what I had changed.

Bad trap.

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Good day Jürgen,

this option was added few weeks ago based on long discussion of users, who wanted easily use own world map.

In this case (and also based on the name of the map), you use global map that has faked transparent zoom level 11 (...1-10-tr-11-...), so Locus try to draw level 11 from this map. What you need is to download and use map without this transparent level. So suggest downloading from OAM server ( ), new version of world map without this tr-11.

Hope this helps.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hi Menion,

thanks for the immediate answer.

Yes, I've tested the new world map (Mai 2018). It works only comfortable if the overlay mechanism is completely disabled. Otherwise either the inner or the outer area is not shown depending on transparent or covering. (Don't know how to describe, but one can test it and will see.)

I do not like the look'n feel of all these undercolored names and the orange colored ice in the new world map. So I traced back to the older one and have to hold in mind the trick with the transparent level 11.

Can be closed - not a problem.




hmm solution should also be to open existing map in any SQLite editor (like ) , open tab "Execute SQL" and manually delete all tiles in zoom level 11 by

DELETE FROM tiles WHERE z = 17

Suggest to backup your map before, just in case I computed Z parameter incorrectly :) !

Jiří M. aka Menion