After start-up the screen stays black for a very long time

Peter Vaessen shared this problem 5 months ago

After starting the Locus app version 3.37.2 the screen stays black for a very long time.

After a while I get a pop-up dialog saying the app is not responding. Shortly after that the app behaves correctly.

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Good day Peter,

sorry for unacceptable delay in my response here.

Is the problem still actual? We received few reports on a similar issue (long black screen at the start of the application) during the last weeks. In the next Locus Map version we plan on next week, it will be a little bit improved anyway still not perfect. Bigger update that should affect these startup problems is planned on time after summer.

The issue is caused by the increasing complexity of Locus Map and features and setup that needs to be prepared during the start of the app. Thanks for understanding.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Thx for contacting me.

The problem seems to have been fixed.



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