Alert in case of crash (bike, not app)

Paweł shared this idea 2 years ago
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I sold my Garmin edge 820 and returned to Locus. Locus + few other apps in my opinion covers most functionality of Edge 820.

I miss one important function that I didn't found here in "Ideas" - Alert in case of crash.

I see this this way:

When device "feel" high stress (from g-sensor) or weird side position, and in few seconds speed drops to zero, locus show pop-up windows with alert which user can cancel in 30-60 seconds by long press of special button. If user didn’t react - device will send message to predefined contacts with alert and current position of user.

In this video - I show how it works in Garmin (As You see - device will also generate sound alert)

My wife and daughter also will be really grateful If You consider this option :)

Have a nice day

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I think It would be also nice features for hikers and runners.

The device could sense if someone stopped and didn't move for a while. I suggest get moving data from accelerometer not from GPS.

Please give me feedback what do You think about this, If this is possible to handle in near future


I think this is a great idea ... for another app.

This has nothing to do with maps, right?


This should be an option available to activate or not for users at risk like mountain bikers with high speed.

From my view point YES it's a valid option for LOCUS MAP


It will be nice to have all necessary features in one application, and locus is the closest app to be a perfect companion in any activity.

You never know if application in background it's still alive.

You can also make of this some marketing stuff like "we care about safety" etc....

I think that this would be unique and valuable features.


Good day Pawel, guys,

It is hard to say if such idea belongs directly to Locus Map or not. My personal opinion is that it does not. Main reason is, that crucial feature on which depend your life, should work always, no matter what happen. And trust me, it is easier to keep small separate application alive on Android, then quite big system like Locus Map. Also in case of any problem, crash in Locus, separate application won't be affected.

And last and from my point most important, and also partial answer of this feature request ... such feature should work as completely independent system no matter which map/travel/navigation app you like to use. So from my point of view, this is really really nice idea for separate small application, that may get nice attention on Google Play (btw. such app really does not yet exists? ) and that may be used with Locus Map, but also with other different applications ( or completely separately ).

I'm not directly declining it, because in case of huge number of votes, it should be nice to promote this idea as an alternative evening work for Android developers ( or as a nice school project for a students of university ). Hope you will agree ;).


I found only 2 or 3 application, but very poor quality with no hope to be improved (You guys know how to make awesome, stable, ergonomic software that's why I'm here with You :)). They only get data from g-sensor - not combined it with speed, so they send alert when You are still on bike riding on rough terrene or just after jump.

There is only one close to what i talk about

Of course this application is far away behind Locus in many aspects - even when we consider only bike computer function (no ANT+, a lot of function missing)

I didn’t test it yet but I will do It this month. (This application also request period payment (near 50 Euro per Year or near 6 Euro per month) There is no option to one-time payment as I prefer. This is not big problem but I think it's quite expensive for only one useful feature)

Of course I believe You, that it's better to make another small application only for this feature - You are professional, I'm just a user, but maybe You will keep it in mind and create such a app with best quality like Locus and a little bit cheaper than application above ;)


I'm surprised that no such app exists and mainly by price of mentioned app, little overpriced.

Anyway I've added this idea to small collection of tips for app developers here , so maybe someone find it useful and create or we should look at it closer when will be higher interest. Anyway don't be too optimistic, because of lack of time for now ... thanks for idea!



Map display uses your compatible existing (Locus) Vector maps ! Free app ! 0 $

Out of curiosity some time ago I tested "Movetracker" app with that very simple emergency alarm system.

No phone movement generates SMS (or mail) alarm transmission. Genial by simplicity.

No move:

1. Alarm timer counts up towards ( free time set) audio alarm, prewarning the user.

2. If no user reaction, some time later (free time set span) effectively sends the SMS (mail) alarm.

In Movetracker app display: See all necessary easy monitoring info. (simple)

Monitor timer counter (sec) towards (set) prealarm (move = reset) and further towards (user time set) SMS alarm tirgger/generation.

My test ISSUE !

A too high sensitivity of the internal (move) sensor phone dedector ( Setting: Rough sensitivity.)

Max volume of the prealarm sound (pre warning user) caused an up counter reset to zero. (looping)

Resulted in no SMS (mail) alarm transmission.

Low phone volume set of the pre alarm warning sound solves the problem and showed the usability of this simple system.

But more (better) universal sensor sensitivity tuning ( for different phones/sensors) is necessary !

Testphone: Samsung Ace 2.

A future Locus extra complication problem if (ever) integrated ?

Seems during "screen off" some phone sensors are not activ ?

Simple easy fool proof robust Locus implementation possible ?