All LoMap POIs are vanished

Wolfgang shared this question 6 years ago

I've been using Locus for a couple of months now. Today, for no known reason, all the LoMap POIs are vanished. Some details:

I have Locus 3.11.3. I have in use the Open Streetmap Vector maps of the Locus store exclusively, They are from April this year. While playing around searching some gas stations near by, I swiched from one regional map to the neighbored region for searching. From that moment on I get an almost empty screen after pressing:

Main menu > more > points of interest (see attachment)

The back arrow (top left) works fine.

I will be happy if I get back the LoMap POIs

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Hello Wolfgang, what parts of Germany do you have in LoMaps? Look in the Locus/mapsVector/Europe/Germany if you have two files per one region, .map and .db, e.g. and bayern.osm.db. If not, re-download maps to restore db files.


Thanks for the answer, I've in use Germany in total (1 Map), lus Pheinland Pfalz and Baden Wuerttemberg. All of them have the 2 files. They are in use for several months.


Hello again, in between I checked more carefully. I have the maps according to the attachment. Australia is because of the forthcoming vacations complete. The datasets are complete and unchanged as visible in the modification date. The Locus main directory is on the external SD card.

I now copied all these data to my PC as backup.

Using the Locus interface I then

1. deleted Rheinland Pfalz and Baden Wuerttemberg, restarted the smartphone.

The POIs didn't come back

2. deleted Alsace, restarted the smartphone.

The POIs didn't come back either. I did this step, because Alsace is considerbly newer then the german maps. This might cause a data conflict. But since the POI interface requires the map being searched explicitely...

Please remember: The POIs were lost simply by changing the searched map from Baden Wuerttemberg to Rheinland Pfalz.

For completeness I attach the system information as available easily (attachment).


Sorry for being back so fast.

I tried to reinstall l'alsace from my PC and found:

1. From deletion via the Locus map interface only th .map files are deleted. The .db files remains on the phone.

2. Taking this as a chance I deleted the .db files of Alsace, and the 2 German regions

3. Et voila: after restart the phone, starting Locus the POIs are back again ;)

4. I copied the .db and .map file of Alsace from the PC to the phone. After restart, the POIs are still there.

Thus, for me the problem is solved.

best wishes, Wolfgang


Hm, in any case, it's interesting and Locus Map shouldn't behave like that. Thank you for your observations, we'll take it into consideration.


issue repaired, topic answered

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