ALL sqlitedb maps being displayed as overlays when one is selected.

Jerry Lasky shared this problem 3 months ago
Not a Problem

I have several custom maps in the sqlitedb format made using John Thorns MAPC2MAPC. Until a month or two ago I would select a base map, for example the Vermont LoMap, and then select one of the sqlitedb maps as an over-lay. Only that overlay would be displayed and in other areas the Vermont LoMap was displayed. Now EVERY sqlitedb is displayed when I have one selected for overlay. I have to turn of the overlay function to see the base map. Also if I chose one of the sqlitedb maps as the base map, all are displayed.

I much preferred how it previously worked. That is I would choose a LoMap as the base map, and one sqlitedb map as the overlay, and only that one overlay map would be displayed. Is there a way to get back to that?

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Hi Jerry,

in the first step please check following settings

Menu - Maps - Offline- Raster maps - Automatic map loading - set No map auto-load

Please let me know about progress

Regards, Petr


Perfect! That works. Thanks for your help.