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Allow 3.26 Route Planner to edit and save existing track

Andrew Heard shared this idea 6 years ago

Strange, but it is not possible to modify an existing track!

The new Route Planner always creates a new route/ track. There is no option to edit and save changes to an existing track.

For Menu > Route Planner > Save Route, the only possibility is to save as a new route. Of course.

But existing track > Route Planner > edit > Tools (---) menu > Save Route > only possible to save as new route. It is not possible to modify the existing track.

My suggestion:

  • rename Tools menu item "Save Route" to Save (the word Route is redundant and obvious)
  • if editing existing track display new menu item "Save as new"
  • for existing track if user taps Save then display "Overwrite track? yes|no"
  • for existing track if user taps "Save as new" then perform same action as current "Save Route"

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Good day Andrew,

thanks for an idea and precise description, how it should behave and looks like.

Idea accepted and implemented ( with slight text modifications ).


Just brilliant!

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