Allow Min & Max Zoom setting for Overlays

joeloc shared this idea 2 years ago
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Locus map overlay engine is quite powerful already. It would be even better with one minor addition: Allow to specify the minimum and maximum zoom levels below and above which the overlay is NOT rendered, i.e. as if the opacity was set to 0%.

Reason: Some overlays and some maps don't make much sense together at very high (or very low) zooms (imagine a darker hill shade layer, or something that contains huge custom datasets with texts).

Another reason: You could use every single map (online or offline) as kind of auto-switching overview map. For example, select a mapsforge vector map as basemap, "OSM Mapnik Online" as overlay with 100% opacity, max overlay zoom to 12:. Instant overview map, no complicated Mobac creations with transparent layers, no troubles.

Work involved for menion: Two little IF commands and two GUI elements in the overlay configuration window.

User benefits: Huge improvements on Overlay usability in general.

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if (currentzoom > configfile.maxoverlayzoom) overlay_opacity = 0%;

menion... your unwillingness to consider this single-line no-brainer has probably caused TERABYTES of mobac map server traffic meanwhile. If you don't want to do it for your users, consider doing it for the poor and innocent tile server providers :-).


A similar idea: For longer trips would be very useful - button switch with a definable zoom. After pressing the larger map (maybe 400 meters) and after returning detail (eg 50 m). It would greatly enhance security in the search for alternative routes for cycling.

Podobný nápad: Na delší cesty by se moc hodilo tlačítko - přepínač s definovatelným zoomem. Po stisknutí větší mapa (třeba 400 m) a po návratu detail (třeba 50 m). Velmi by to zvýšilo bezpečnost při hledání alternativní trasy za jízdy na kole.