Allow tracking of moving point dynamically downloaded from network-link KML

Barbudor shared this idea 9 years ago
Gathering feedback



I am starting to use the ability of Locus to download and refresh periodically a set of points from a network-link KML (see

With the help of the community and Menion this is progressing : I can download "buddies" location and see them updated in real-time.

Feature request:

One nice-to-have feature would be the ability to follow the position of my buddy by centering his position on screen instead of my own position. A bit like if I was looking at his own Locus screen.



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I just found lack of this feature and I wanted to post about it, but it looks somebody found it earlier.

I think that to implement this feature, a behaviour of "Map" button in Point window should be modified slightly. Instead of just centering once on the point, it should also check if the object is moving and follow it. Easy and clean.


This feature has my vote ;)

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