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Michael B. shared this idea 9 years ago
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I use Locus Map for hiking. In a forrest there is often no gps fix. At the moment, there is no altitude changed on the dashboard without a gps fix. If a device supports a barometer (Nexus 5), it should be possible to show the current altitude based on barometer data and without a gps fix.

It is obvious, that I need a gps fix to auto calibrate the barometer. But after calibration, it should be possible to show the current altitude without a gpx fix.

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Good day Michael,

your idea has absolute sense! There is only a minor problem. Every new GPS location that Locus receive, currently serve as transport container for other data like altitude and others. So I wanted to say, that all data in dashboard (except time) are refreshed only with new GPS location, because this location contain information about altitude.

I wrote paragraph about not because I want to say 'it's not possible', but because it's currently techical problem in Locus that prevent to implement such idea.

Anyway because I wanted to allow some recording for indoor activities (for example just for recording heart rate values etc.) which suffer from exactly same problem (changed HRM values, but no new GPS location), I'm sure I'll have to improve this system so it should then solve also this "problem".

Thanks for understanding.


This problem is still up to date.

I try to record a track with point save forced by time. Would it be possible to record new points based on the old GPS location?

I know that some statistics could have trouble if we got altitute changanges with gps distance 0m. But I know for sure that this would be possible because my GPS Logger is able to save multible points with same GPS coordinates.

But the big problem is that I didn't find any app which could store barometric sensor readouts for altitute change statistics for short intervalls. The highest resolution I did find was one update every 30s.

I would like to see a GPS point dupplication with updated sensor data (HRM, Temperature, Altitute and so on) only if somebody did setup "save point based on criteria distance OR time"


Hello Falco,

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure how may I help here. Your request is really very special and I can't currently imagine, how to implement it to make results logical. When no location is known, it is simply a big problem. I can imagine to implement initial Michael's idea (to be true, I plan it), but can't imagine to record exactly same GPS location into recorded track with different elevation values, just because device has problems with obtain of GPS location. Thanks for understanding.

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