Altitude colours?

Anders Hedelund shared this question 4 years ago

I have since long been looking for at way to display altitude as colours as opposed to shadows (false light) as if the sun was shinig from north-west). Who ever saw that on the northern hemisphere?

So I stumbled over Locus and there were the right discussions. However I cannot make it work. Purchased Pro with no success and then found indications that it was/had been in a test channel. Activated that, but with similar meager results.

Now what is the current right way to get those altitude colours? Must special maps/overlays be imported? Where are the settings, and what parameters should be chosen?

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Hi Anders

i hope i understood what you are looking for...

do you know this manual page?

play with

settings/maps/Advanced features/Map shading/"slopes" or "colored elevation"

be sure altitude data of area you want to use are stored on your device > watch video, link in orange infobox of manual page



Oh thanks, that so: I have to download the things to my device. Will do the necessary additional study....


It is working. Wonderful....


HI Anders,

great Locus works for you as it should.

@balloni55 - thanks Wolfgang for the help

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