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ta-ka shared this idea 8 years ago
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It is interesting to know sea depth at the map center in Locus for boat fishing near coast. By enabling dynamic altitude function, Locus gets and shows sea depth from google elevation api. However if the SRTM data which covers current map center is installed, the SRTM height value is shown and it is always '0 m' on the sea area. So, I would like to ask to implement a setting for dynamic altitude to select online(google elevation api) or offline(SRTM data).

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Hello ta-ka,

understand. To be true, in next version I wanted completely remove screen of choice between Online/Offline compute in case, offline data are available.

We are just looking with Peter, if there is any option for offline data with sea depth, so we will see.

Anyway dynamic altitude currently use offline files. If these are not available, online access is automatically used.

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